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Shave Nation 4 Life

Thursday 19 January, 2012

Shave Nation 4 Life

Geo let me first start of by saying thank you for turning me on to the old
style of shaving. I never would have known anything with out your amazing
informational videos. I just got GEO safety razor package in the mail(super
fast shipping by the way.)and I could not wait to start my shave. It was the
best shave of my life. I am truly amazed how nice of a shave I got. Ill
never go back to those crazy expensive cartage's again. I am a bi-racial
male that has always feared shaving because it was painful and I would
always get ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I can honestly say that my facial
hair cant grow fast enough I enjoyed my shave that much. So once again thank
you. I cant wait to buy more products from Shave Nation.

Jerell Juve
Testimonial By: Jerell Juve — Brooktondale, NY, United States — Jerell Juve

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