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Feather High Stainless Platinum Coated Blades 10 PK


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Feather High Stainless Platinum Coated Blades 10 PK
World renowned as the "Ninja Sharp" Double Edge Safety Razor blade.
*Outstanding Longevity - Retains Sharpness and Smoothness for Many Shaves!
*Extremely Sharp, Smooth and Comfortable
*Highest quality made in Japan
*Considered by many the sharpest double edge razor blades on the market
*1 Pack of 10 Blades ~ Total 10 Blades
*Perfect for all Standard Safety Razors
Note: Our Feather blades come directly from the Manufacturer's Authorized Representative.
They are 100% Authentic!

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  • Manufactured by: Feather

Reviews: 7

Date Added: 04/22/2015 by Jim Bohannon
WHOA!!! I've only been wet shaving for a couple of weeks. Don't know why I didn't try it years ago! ...

Date Added: 02/14/2015 by Robert McGovern
Well most reviews seem to be from pretty experienced wet shavers so thought I would give my take as ...

Date Added: 04/29/2014 by Stephen Davidson
Perfect for mild safety razors. I've tried these blades along with the Gillette Silver Blues and the...

Date Added: 01/05/2014 by tom
Sorry I’m not a Feather fan. I’m a daily shaver with an EJ89 and found the blades to nick and burn a...

Date Added: 05/05/2013 by Stuart
I bought these because my wife wanted to use my Parker on her legs. And the feathers have the best r...

Date Added: 06/01/2012 by Brandon Whipple
These are the best DE blades! Having tried the Astra prior and being new to DE shaving I went with t...

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 April, 2011.

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